Beauty and the Tiger

Girl with a tiger, in fact, the famous Sienna Rose Miller, British actress, photo-model and fashion designer. Already at 16, she began working as a photo-model. She worked as a model for “Coca-Cola”, Italian’s “Vogue”, and and at the Pirelli’s calendar for 2003. year introduced in topless. It is closely associated with the fashion style known as “Boho chic”. Sienna Miller has signed a contract with Pepe Jeans London for a jeans campaign, which first appeared in the Journal of March 2006. year. In February 2009. the company Hugo Boss Fragrances (perfumes) announced that Sienna Miller will be the new ambassador for women’s perfumes BOSS Orange. Sienna debuted on film in 2001. It was the film “South Kensington” and follow the movies: High Speed, The Ride (2002), Layer Cake, Alfie (2004), Casanova (2005), Factory Girl (2006), Interview, Camille, Stardust (2007), The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Kis Vuk, The Edge of Love (2008), GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), Hippie Hippie Shake (2010). The last film in which the Sienna appears is the Robin Hood. This film is current, and very popular. How good is the in movies, Sienna is successful as a fashion designer, where it appears with her sister Savannah, who is a professional fashion designer. Sienna Miller is engaged in humanitarian work. Enjoy
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